Jorge Pozas

Born into a family of professional musicians, I studied cello in Madrid, Amsterdam and London and currently teach cello in a music school and play in several orchestras.

I have been fascinated since childhood by the beauty of stringed instruments and in 1999 I began my training in traditional Spanish guitar making with Antonio Gonzalez Cardenal here in Madrid for 3 years.  Then, wishing to concentrate more on instruments in the violin family, I became an apprentice at the workshop of Colin G Nicholls in London.

Since then I have gained a broad variety of experience and influences, the most appreciated being the close collaboration with my very good friend, the luthier Pablo Rosales Gross.

An open mind to positive and constructive criticism and learning from those who are more knowledgeable - that will do the rest...

I consider that being a professional musician gives me a good understanding of the needs of my clients, whether students, amateurs or professional musicians.