Private collection

One of our main priorities is to restore some of our national musical heritage.

As a result of years of research and the economic support of a sympathetic group of investors, I collaborate as advisor in the adquisition of what it is considered to be one of the most important collections of XVIII century Spanish violins.

These instruments of unsurpassed quality are currently played by some of the most highly regarded musicians here in our country.

Some featured instruments:

José Contreras, Madrid 1767
José Contreras, Madrid 1767
José Contreras, Madrid 1769
José Contreras, Madrid 1770
José Melitón Contreras, Madrid 1770
Joan Guillamí, Barcelona
Joan Guillamí fillius, Barcelona circa 1760
Joan Guillamí filius, Barcelona 1780
Silverio Ortega, Madrid 1797
Francisco Gand, Madrid 1789
Josephus Cabello, Córdoba 1792